Making the environment work for your bottom line

As a leader in the field of GIS, our GIS team can capture, analyze, manage, and interpret vast amounts of complex data to serve clients' needs. 

Hydrologic and hydrogeologic consulting is a core component of Earth Forensics services.  Our services include:

Earth Forensics plaintiff and defense litigation support is broad in scope, involving such matters as landslide and seismic events; land development; lead and mold; soil and groundwater contamination.

Earth Forensics employs state-of-the-art technology, expertise, and broad experience to assess geologically hazardous conditions such as fault zones, liquefaction zones, landslide areas, floodplains, and coastal erosion and monitoring. We determine causes, impacts, and design mitigation and remediation plans for site specific hazardous areas. 


Earth Forensics provides cutting edge expertise to public agencies, private companies, governmental and legal clients on energy matters.